Community based marketing efforts

From J.P. Morgan words:

“when I have a product that I believe in, I don’t just display it to the public, I display it in style “

I think we need an elephant or something shocking and unforgettable to help Nash grow :thinking:


@pplvee thank you so much for confirmation :partying_face: we are 31 votes up then :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: I really didn’t want to call all of my friends again :flushed:


Sorry for the false alarm, saw this warning on Reddit and didn’t want to risk that our Nash votes become invalid. I deleted my post about this warning.

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Let’s all like this post :+1::+1::+1:

Amazing exposure opportunity!

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We are losing with 9 hours to go;


I mean we are not 1st and Nash deserves 1st place compared to any project :slight_smile:

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Next round;


Ethan reached out to Pomp, let’s support him;


Any thoughts on how to shift YouTube’s focus from associating Nash with NEO and get our own identity?

Thank you :handshake:

By branding Nash as blockchain agnostic with support for native coins of various chains btc, eth, neo with more coming soon.

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Well, I consider this a real problem too. Nash has undergone a dramatic transformation. Once set up on NEO it has been linked to the Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain and evolved as a blockchain agnostic DEX, which is the only one that enables traders to own and trade their real coins. This transformation story needs to be told, again and again.

It would be better to link Nash as a brand closer to Bitcoin. This would need some tremendous marketing efforts, though. What makes an identity anyway?

Well, it’s basically build up of a vision (aspirations of what it hopes to achieve), a mission statement (describes what the organization needs to do, to achieve the vision) and values (according to which the company wants to act). All this needs to be embedded in a compelling story, which contains all the elements a good movie has.

Maybe something like this can be accompanied by mascot, which represent all that nash stands for. Chainlink is quite successful with the Link Marines for example.


@Kellogg Wouldn’t ist be a great opportunity for nash to post an advert on r/wallsteetbets?! These guys have 7,5 Mio. Followers and are totally disappointed about Robin Hood right now. They might find an interest in a Dex like Nash for trading real Bitcoin, with no central authority to spoil their trades… What do you think?


Arnold Schwarzenegger saying to “work hard and advertise” ( every day)

Grant Cardone got out of obscurity by increasing his social media presence 10X, despite customers complaining of to much posting ( he explained that those who complain, most likely are not buying anyway)

Thomas Edison, Elon Musk are great because they ware vocal about their dreams.

Kids and adults on social media are gaining millions of followers in no time.

For a minimum cost to maximize marketing results, we need to use free social media more frequently, every department in Nash company could post updates and ask for options ( in community and everywhere, just to keep it clear that Nash is here to stay, and we are the world’s best solution)
This could maximize the return on covered territory and definitely people will speculate on the bright future ahead of us.)

Thank you all for reading :handshake:

One more thing: I was told in this community that by posting many times, I might suffocate others. Looks like this is the case outside, others post so much that we are hardly noticed :flushed:

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Very much appreciate your enthusiasm for Nash, and what it can be.

The main KPI that matters for Nash is conversions; specifically, users that will drive volume to the matching engine. I think everyone can agree on this point.

Social media platforms are not that route - from experience, they have very poor conversion rates and are generally good for vanity metrics (likes, followers, etc.). Those can influence others to a certain degree, but over time it is not something that sustains platform usage and growth.

If you go one step further, the strategy of Nash has prioritized Nash Link (see Kellogg’s BTC Miami presentation). Merchants and users care mainly about one thing: making and saving $. These same merchants also need to adhere to fintech regulations at varying levels (national, regional, etc.) and they do not care about social media vanity metrics.

Nash has stressed many times they are are fintech company with several products (payments, wallet, exchange). They have opted to focus on acquiring users/volume via Nash Link and their marketing efforts have reflected that. We don’t know what kinds of advertising or promotion they have done in private channels, unfortunately. They are not abandoning promotion of the exchange (see Nash League), but one could surmise they would have promoted themselves differently had they focused solely on the exchange. Let’s hope the team is able to win and close on deals with top merchants with large userbases.

I have one YouTube channel for kids, from the moment when we surpassed 100k Subscribers, everyone we met ( adults/kids ) ware instantly interested to here more about us.
For new upcoming generation subs & likes is everything. Social media significance is taking over the world.
This is my experience :handshake:

Probably after one big name company starts using NashLink, the snowball will start moving :wink:

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( it will take you 1 min ) @Kellogg Please listen to this marketing advice from Steve Jobs before we start intensive marketing. Rule nr 9 :point_down:

Let’s make sure we get the right message out. Thank you :handshake:

Vote Nash!


Understanding how to react to haters is of a big importance: from min 29:29 sec ( watch for 1 min and possibly change your perception about haters :point_down:)

When we present Nash to others and we get resistance, just try to be constructive and understand the points that that person dislikes, so we can improve on it. ( sure if it is not again the price discussion :grin:)

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