CoinMarketCap add wrong circulating and total supply

As you can see, they done a mistake on NEX supply (Circ. and total).

Team, can you fix it please ?


They should also change the icon to: :nash_token:


Data shown on Coinmarketcap is currently provided by the community. I understood Nash wont engage with anything related to listings before they have acquired the right licences to do so.

If we want this to change; we should reach out to Coinmarketcap ourselves to ask for a modification.

  • What is the correct information according to you ?
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It’s done my friend !


Just NASH :blush:

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Actually not just Nash because Nash is the company while NEX and Nash Exchange Token is the token listed on Coinmarketcap

I already reached out to CoinMarketCap team to adjust the Total Supply of Nash (NEX) which is set 50,000,000 accordingly to the whitepaper.

I found out a discrepancy in the contract though (Supply: 56,196,100).
Maybe, somebody from the team could clarify this.

Regarding the circulating supply, it’s hard to calculate since there are tokens locked up by NEO Council, investors and founders. But there should be around 28M in circulation at this point in time.


NEOtracker is not accurate…
Use NEO scan :wink:


This is done! :wink: :nash_token:


Whoop Whooop. Always nice to see the power of this community in action. :muscle:

Why the logo with the black stripes instead of white?

The only discrepancy is in neotracker, it has issues tracking NEP5 transfers from minting addresses.

The references are:

Regarding CMC, we contacted multiple times with the correct information after they decided to list the token (since April in multiple opportunities) but they are having issues tracking their tickets (?). We also asked not to link to neotracker due to it’s issues with NEP5 but unfortunately they made no use of all the official information provided.


Don’t know why, maybe they sniped it and removed the background (?).

We provided the official assets from . Detail that this is always available in our page at .



Thank a lot Fabio.

Not sure, I gave them the same PNG file as was on, which has the stripes in white. They must have done their own thing to it.


Yeah I see it now, it’s because of dark mode. When you set it back toi light mode, the white background appears. So it’s as @canesin said, they removed the background and since it’s a PNG, it uses the background of the website since the image is transparent.

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The funniest thing is that the Circulation Supply gets bigger every day :smiley:

They are probably still using neotracker instead of for tracking NEP5.

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@canesin You say here that you would provide an API to CMC, will this be done?

This is a circulating supply, not total supply - which is what they are struggling with. For circulating supply it should be after staking is live.