Can we stake in canada at launch or are new laws preventing it?

I just read through someones post about kyc in Canada and it was stated that new laws have been made that require you to get licensed in each province. Does this mean at launch there will be no fiat gateway or staking for Canadian citizens? This question was not answered in the other post before it was closed.

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What I understand of that situation, this is the same as US regulation so no, Canadian will not be able to use the exchange or stake NEX token at this moment.

Based on the GC information they put out and Fabio linked to, It doesn’t appear to be too onerous in getting a MSB in Canada if you already have the compliance programs in place for the US. Based on him indicating that Fabian had reached out weeks ago, I would suspect it is already in the works.

Just confirmed with our compliance wizard, yes staking and 3rd party fiat ramps will be available to all of Canada on launch.


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Amazing Fabio.


This news is a fantastic birthday present. Well done to the compliance team!

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Awesome this is great news !