Can we stake in canada at launch or are new laws preventing it?

I just read through someones post about kyc in Canada and it was stated that new laws have been made that require you to get licensed in each province. Does this mean at launch there will be no fiat gateway or staking for Canadian citizens? This question was not answered in the other post before it was closed.

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What I understand of that situation, this is the same as US regulation so no, Canadian will not be able to use the exchange or stake NEX token at this moment.

Based on the GC information they put out and Fabio linked to, It doesn’t appear to be too onerous in getting a MSB in Canada if you already have the compliance programs in place for the US. Based on him indicating that Fabian had reached out weeks ago, I would suspect it is already in the works.

Just confirmed with our compliance wizard, yes staking and 3rd party fiat ramps will be available to all of Canada on launch.


Made my day :slight_smile:


Amazing Fabio.


This news is a fantastic birthday present. Well done to the compliance team!

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Awesome this is great news !


How do I access the fiat ramps for Canada? I’ve done kyc and it says there’s no fiat ramps in my geographical area, also the exchange itself isn’t letting me to access trading…

Canada isn’t open for trading at the moment. As for fiat onramps, I’d assume they’ll activate that once trading is enabled.

We aren’t able to use the exchange today but we staked no problem.

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Do you know when the ramps will be available? Fabio said at launch so I’m quite disappointed, had fiat ready to go. Will trading for us be rolled out this week?

But he said at launch

He said that before launch was delayed by over 2 weeks. I’m not sure of what exactly goes into organizing fiat partners, but I’m guessing things didn’t go as planned so they released a less-than-complete version of the MVP. Excludes some fiat partners, and even trading in Canada which I didn’t expect at all.

All of this will come with time. They only just launched the exchange less than 24hrs ago. We’ll need to be patient again for Canada to come online – I’m itching to give it a shot as well.

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It was a shock to see Canada not able to trade and really, @canesin didnt say anything about trading above. Just staking and fiat ramps. (Whats the point of fiat ramps tho if you can’t trade so it’s kind of applied.)

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You’re keeping a very cool head about it, I really respect that. I’m trying to as well, just sucks that launch 1 was delayed, launch 2 was delayed, the competition was delayed, and now there’s no Canada trading, also there’s no Canada fiat ramps. These are all things I’ve dealt with and I’ve held while the price was above $3 because I believed they would come through in the end, I still do, but I’m not sure they’re worth 30% of my portfolio anymore, I might be dumping some of my position here out of exhaustion. Even the trade volume is <$10,000/24hrs. I’m just tired of always chasing for answers from the team, hopefully things go smoother from here.

Ya… and no ramps sadly. Was really excited for that, even more than the trading itself.

Me too, pretty bummed about this… I was part of the ICO, have believed in Nash from the beginning and was not expecting this. Once again, a little communication would go a long way…

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Guys…after everything this community has been through, don’t jump ship after the team finally delivered. As for trade volume, I’m really not sure what you expected. You may need to reconsider your expectations of volume from a brand new exchange within the first 24 hours. Not only that, but it’s not like we’ve listed the top 50 coins. They’re almost all NEP5 tokens, which aren’t heavily sought after among the crypto community.

Have faith, try to keep busy with something else in the mean time. They’ll announce Canadian trading / onramping in no time.


I’m not jumping ship, just not comfortable with nash being 30% of my portfolio anymore, I will still hodl some for sure. I believe they will be huge in the future, but with their track record they still need to learn so much in the business world. I do love the team, no hate here, just reducing my investment risks.

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