Can we stake in canada at launch or are new laws preventing it?

Our fiat partner that has Canada coverage is not ready to launch their integration just yet, 3rd party fiat ramps for the region are not blocked.

Regarding trading I assumed that the conversation about the MSB in the Canadian provinces was clear that trading would not be possible without those, we had to do a compliance check to clear staking. We will continue to work on supporting the region.

On the volume front: we do not expect big values in the beginning of operations while we fine tune everything, we have not even sent a reminder to the participants of the referral program yet. There has been communication regarding the actual team expectations in this forum before if you are interested.


Ok Fabio, we will wait.

Thank for the fast reply

Thank you for answering, but before I consider staking I want to understand. So we cannot trade, but we can stake and still get paid our dividend? Then use the fiat ramps (once in place) for the Canadian dollar if I wanted to cash out our dividend?

This is not blocked right and has the company providing the fiat ramps given you guys a timeline?

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Hi @canesin

Is my ticket for referral program will be active if I stake my NEX or I have to wait the exchange to be available to Canadian ?

That is correct.

No timelines so far. We will continue to work on expanding the network starting next week.

There is quite a few time for the program yet, let’s worry about corner cases such as this later. We can always work something out.

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