Can USA citizens stake NEX, or not?

I’m hearing a lot of mixed information from NEX supporters on whether traders from the US will legally be able to stake their NEX for dividends. Some are saying this will be available immediately once staking is available, some are saying it will come “soon” after staking is available, some say it’s TBD.

I’ve tried searching for a clear answer on this on a litany of platforms (medium,, reddit, youtube, twitter, etc), but to no avail. Can someone please clarify what the current status is on staking NEX for US citizens?

The team openly defines NEX as a security, so I think it’s clear that the SEC won’t allow the Nash platform to go forward with distributing NEX dividends to US users without the proper licenses and approval. Have these - the licenses - been obtained? If not, how does that affect the viability of NEX for US traders?

If this has already been answered by the team somewhere, I apologize but I wasn’t able to find any clear language other than some vague comments.


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ethan said on twitter that staking is possible at day one

Support doesn’t necessarily mean NEX staking. I interpret that as exchange support – traders in those states can trade on the platform.

Haven’t seen the tweet you’re referencing though.

yep, you are right, at this question for us he didnt answer

I assume support for MVP means FULL support which includes staking since they would have said otherwise.

I hope so! But this is why I’m asking, because we’re speculating with assumptions instead of total clarity.

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Awesome thank you.