What can USA Nash Exchange Nex token holders due to prepare for staking ? and USA/International NEX token question

I know we will have to do a KYC from one of the 19 states on the list (for now). Thankfully I’m good there.

Next question is regarding staking wallets. When I sign into https://exchange.nash.io/auth/sign-in I do not see wallets. Just more stuff about referrals etc etc.

I prefer not waiting until the last second situate my NEX tokens for what will be a two year hibernation :slight_smile: ie, stake from day one.

Second question is does the team see NEX token ever to be trade-able on a legit USA exchange, even the NASH exchange itself?

Moreover, will the NEX token be tradeable at all anywhere for anyone ? Right now, its been acquired via ICO, peer to peer, and some small exchanges ( Im not sure they even ran it by NASH team for the ok ?).

Many thanks for your replies in advance.

Take care.


My guess is that for now nobody is able to see more than just “Referrals” section and we will just have to wait until the launch date. I am from a country in European Union.


I do wonder if it’ll be legally possible for them to start KYC before the exchange launch. If they don’t, there will be quite the number of KYC applications come launch day.

What are the 19 states? Can you point me to the source on this?