Call for community translations

Can you make the bg-BG.json file (for Bulgaria) as well cause I don’t have access to push to the repo :slight_smile:


I will try with the Spanish one


Updated hi_IN.json. Very happy to help! :slightly_smiling_face:


A quick heads-up for translators: I work at Nash as a copywriter and wrote the English texts that are being translated. I also have a lot of experience translating into English from a few languages.

If you have questions about what you’re translating, please do not guess but contact me! I am familiar with the JSON documents and should be able to clarify any comprehension problems you have.

You can find me on GitHub/GitLab as @lexipenia and on Telegram as @cstfenwick

We’ll add my contact details to the repo soon.


For Hungary, as well?

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Sure, why not. If the community is here to maintain a quality translation. I expect things to be a bit chaotic in first week of translations but to get really good after it.


If you are facing issues using Github for the first time there is a desktop app that might make your life easier:

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I have been noticing many repeated words and sentences in the same context. Is it possible to make it so that translating these duplicates would replace all the other duplicates with the same translation? @canesin

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No, those are key-value pairs that are read from this file and placed in the code.


Still need for German translation? I dont have much time these days but could try to help anyway. This is hopefully just a low priority side project as i think other features such as token listings & mobile trading is much more crucial for exchange performance. Mobile first!

de_DE is quite advanced. But more eyes are always helpful. Different people, our copy writer doesn’t coordinate mobile development.

PS: I have edited the original post with more information :smiley:

There are still 1000 lines that need to be checked. (Combination of our existing translation + machine translation.) Please go to the DACH Telegram group for more info.

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Hi Asus78 das hier ist der link für die TG-Gruppe in der wir alles koordinieren:

Is anyoe here from Russia besides me? I can translate part of the file.