Call for community translations

Hi all,

I would like to invite the community to contribute with man made translations :smiley:
I bootstraped a repository at

If you want to contribute that is great but I ask people to not use automated translation tools as we want this to be of superior quality. We will be translating the files ourselves in this same repository, by making this public and open I hope you help us in making this translations faster and of higher quality.

PS: the English file is the reference and is handled internally only. Feel free to create issues regarding it however if there are mistakes.

About it

Locale files are in JSON format and organized like this:

  "key": "content"

Here “key” is the keyword used in the platform code to identify the text and should not be modified. The “content” text is the translation target and is what replaces occurences of “key” in the code.

There are some coding specifics in certain keys. These are indentified by {{}}, e.g. Hello, {{userName}}!, and should be kept as they are. Only translate the text around these elements and move them to match appropriate word order in your language.

You will also notice links denoted by numbered tags, e.g. View your transaction under the <0>Transfers</0> tab. In this case, you should translate the text within the tags.

Using GitHub

Never used GitHub? This is the easiest way to contribute:

If you are facing issues using GitHub for the first time there is a desktop app that might make your life easier:

Tips for contributors

  1. Make multiple sets of small changes. Keep your pull requests to 100 lines at most.
  2. Always ensure you are making changes against the latest version of the master branch.

You can view our simple contributions policy here.

Ask for help!

If you don’t understand a phrase in the English file, don’t guess! Ask for help. Our writer is available on GitHub as @lexipenia and Telegram as @cstfenwick and will be able to clarify issues for you.

Locales list

Locale name Language Country/Territory
en English International (US standard)
ar_AA Arabic International (AA standard)
bg_BG Bulgarian Bulgaria
cs_CZ Czech Czech Republic
da_DK Danish Denmark
de_DE German International (DE standard)
el_GR Greek Greece
es_ES Spanish International (ES standard)
fr_FR French International (FR standard)
he_IL Hebrew Israel
hi_IN Hindi Hindi
hr_HR Serbo-Croatian International (HR standard)
it_IT Italian Italy
ja_JP Japanese Japan
ko_KR Korean Korea
nl_NL Dutch Netherlands and Belgium
pt_BR Portuguese International (BR standard)
ro_RO Romanian Romania
ru_RU Russian Russia
th_TH Thai Thailand
tr_TR Turkish Turkey
zh_CN Simplified Chinese International (CN standard)



Sure. I can help out translating some into Dutch. :slight_smile:


I can translate in bulgarian. We have a big crypto community, it would be great to convert them to the Nash Side!


@canesin There is no json for Bulgaria and bulgarian. I cloned the repository and created one - “bg-BG.json” and I can start the translation at any time, just give me a green light if you are going to use it cause there is a lot to be translated.


Could you create one for Dutch (Belgium) please?
I’d be happy to translate.


For Romania, as well?


@Oldsport thanks for the initiative but I removed the GDocs post, GDocs is really a bit too chaotic for open internet collaboration. As anyone can edit it, it becomes hard to control what goes in and not. On Github we can control what goes in and rebase (order when contributions goes in).

To make it easier I added a small video on “how to”, if the community thinks more is needed I can build something more detailed tomorrow.


Does the dutch speaking community members think we need a Dutch translation file? I ask because I know that Netherlands has high percentage of people that speak English and German.

  • Yes
  • No

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@SvetJordanov and @seidler I will add those files!

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Well to be honest most of the belgian population who is younger then 40 will be able to navigate through the English website with ease. So it would benefit older people but I don’t know if that is our target audience for the moment.

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I understand, but how do you prevent overlapping efforts?

I will merge one first and rebase the contributions and do the reconciliation. While sounds complex is something we do 100s of times in the day with code as we have all the Git tooling around that.

Ofcource. dutch is also spoken in a large part of belgium. And still quite some people who have problems with English. It also looks more professional to be available in Dutch.


Yes, I know how git/github works. Still, the 3 above pull requests are from 3 different individuals who all spent time working on the first 50 lines.

I guess local communities can always assign specific parts (i.e. “I’ll take lines 1000-1500”) to share the effort. That can be even more powerful than a spreadsheet, provided they know how to pull/push to github (possible with your video now).

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yeah, you are right - the fact people worked in the same lines can be seen as a efficiency loss so for initial translations if people divide work offline is great. But also, having multiple people translate the same lines brings confidence in the translation :smiley:


btw without a context there will be some issues with Russian translations (nouns vs verbs)

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:100: @kazanchev and this is a problem for professional translators, that are in general not in crypto and for the most part not in finance. So I think having the locale open source is key here for us to deliver really high quality content in localization, because with it being live in the product if there is a wierd translation someone like you can just go in the GitHub and send a fix for us.


I know some disabled people who would like to learn crypto and trading but cant speak English.

I agree that most of the Dutch can speak English. Just an example: my mother was very good in speaking and writing in English, but nowadays not flying to the USA she has a hard time understanding it. What if she wanna stay independent and learn to trade on Nash? :slight_smile: just mentioning.

I dont think assuming all Dutch are a pro speaking / reading it can be put in the " positive discrimination " box.


I used to work with Flemish (Dutch speaking) students and I was always very much surprised about their poor level of English.

I already added Dutch to the list of languages. I will translate from German a bit myself but all I can do is a not so dumb semi-automated thing, but should be good to kickstart it (we do have a big Dutch community and people that speak Dutch in the team :D).