Bitcoin update follow up

Hi, from the conference I understand that Bitoin won’t be ready at launch. And I know that the team doesn’t want to give timelines, which is understandable. However, I (and the community, I’m sure) would appreciate an update on where the team is in terms of the technological/building of implantation road map.Have you begun “building” the ability to use Bitcoin? Are you currently in collaboration with other projects/people about how to get this done? Or are you just currently experimenting with different ideas, trying to figure out which might work best? Any info regarding the progress that has or has not been made would be awesome.

P.S keep up the good work nash team :slight_smile:


may be hire someone from bitcoin team :slight_smile: they might be interested as its definitely help mass adoption

We have two paths for Bitcoin, custodial and non-custodial. We first cleared the legal situation for both cases, due to our mission we will always prefer non-custodial solutions.

On non-custodial we started exploring one technological possibility using a 2-way peg on a side chain about 2 months ago, there is still another promising solution that appears to be possible that we want to also try on the non-custodial solutions.

Custodial solutions are straight forward and faster to implement, but they bring security concerns for users and the company operations. We will only go this route if we can bring some innovation to mitigate this risks.

We are well aware of the liquidity of the BTC/XBT markets.

We have already hired a specialist for the Bitcoin engineer position.