Binance DEX testnet Crosses 7 Million Transaction in 2 Weeks

Binance DEX testnet Crosses 7 Million Transaction in 2 Weeks
Thats the power of 10 Million community.

I doubt if Nash would cross half a million transaction in their beta launch…

You keep trolling the same things all over this community which begs the question, why you are here.
What is your point?
If you’re happy with Binance DEX then use it. Life is very simple and full of choices.


He is the Changpeng Zhao’ suppo :wink:

I hope it takes a very good while for us to have 7M transactions on-chain! Like months.

If you understand of blockchains you will realize that is a very bad thing. They need to solve their ballooning before they become decentralized.


That was an eye opener message. we need more user base.
Note: I hold both the coins… BNB & NEX

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So, as back up, you got yourself some NEX tokens …
That’s super smart of you CZ. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:


I said… i hold both the tokens… didnt mentioned about backup
also hold other exchange tokens like bix, kcs, bitmax, etc

I think @ellyse.bolton is trying his luck here… It doesnt matter what coins you hold here. For all we know, you may buy 1 NEX to come here and troll. And it is very obvious you are here to troll by studying all your posts in this forum.

Please remember we are here to provide intelligent discussions. Not here to shill your own coin.

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Intelligent discussions by Comparing NASH with Binance DEX.
comparing 1k users with 10 million users… :joy:

How is this blatant troll not banned yet?

This same “heisenberg” character been trolling on telegram as well. Get a life loser.


You’re missing the point of comparing with other DEXes.
Just because the Binance DEX has a much bigger community does not mean comparing Nash with them is pointless.

We compare to improve Nash.

Binance DEX has a much bigger community.

Sure. But then the main question here is:

Why do they have a bigger community?

  • Is it because their tech is better? If so, in what ways?
  • Is it simply because the majority are not aware of Nash?

Maybe you could answer these questions, since I assume you’re active in their community as well?

You cannot just simply disregard comparing with another platform just because “they’re way ahead”. This is exactly when you should compare the two.

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Just study all his posts where he gets so triggered when we compare Binance to nash… lol… He is only trying his luck here as i said…only a matter of time when he gets a warning i guess…? He doesnt even contribute to healthy discussions where we are here to help nash grow. He doesn’t seem to have the intention being here.

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Binance have 10 million people who joined their forum? Must be a record for discourse…

Using the 1k number just shows you’re not here for serious discussion. Or you lack the ability to do so. Either way, I don’t see you being around too much longer

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Average tech with Millions of users is anytime better than Superior tech with few K’s users…
Windows having lot of issues but still its most use OS, compare to Linux superior tech

All my posts are eye opener for NASH Fans… love it or hate it. your choice
Switcheo, Aphelion DEX are also superior, but facing low volume on their dex…
Why ??

It is just best to ignore a troll. Starve him of the attend he craves so badly.
Doesn’t believe in a project, believes there are better projects, yet hangs around making weird comments.

Best for the troll to sell his NEX and migrate to a project he believes in.
But clearly, he doesn’t value his time.


Maybe you @ellyse.bolton can explain to us what is the intention of this thread then? I don’t get it… You claim you hold NEX token… and is this the type of post a NEX holder should post?? It’s getting weird… :joy::joy: Are you trying hard to demoralise the team here? If you do, I bet your post doesn’t make them flinch even a millimetre…

Nokia got defeated by Smart Phones…such as Apple (whom has greater tech). Nokia had the majority of market share but lost in the end. It doesnt matter who has the lead now. :wink::wink:

yes that’s right.

If nash has 10 million “users” even before they launch… it will be weird… Binance started out as startup with 0 users too and they started like 1 year ++ ago. And Binance isnt really a DEX tbh…just an Exchange that is non-custodial.

Its self explanatory… or you can use google translate to understand my post

and it’s really self explanatory the main purpose of your thread here, everyone here knows that . :sweat_smile: :rofl::rofl: