Beyond the Chain: A podcast from Nash

Nash is launching a podcast! Starting this Thursday, Beyond the Chain is a bi-weekly podcast that takes a deep look into blockchain technology and connects the dots between decentralized finance, business and the wider world. Listen to the trailer here!

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Love this initiative!!!

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Way out of left field – love it!

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That’s the Nash we love !


Awesome, can’t wait!!


As somebody on twitter suggested, I would second their suggestion to take video in addition to audio and post on YouTube as well. It would help the discovery and viewership.


Agree :crossed_fingers:

Really nice… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Looking forward to the podcasts! :smile:

This is really great - looking forward to tuning in.

Some suggestions (maybe to consider over time - no rush):

(1) As @slackr suggested - video/conference recording for a YouTube post? Or even just upload the audio mixed with a placeholder image video. Thinking maybe this might reach a wider audience?

(2) Whenever I’ve watched Nash recordings in the past, the audio and/or video looks a little low quality (not the “sales” snippets - they look great, but the quarterly meetings, etc). Would be great if wherever possible you put a little extra into the audio/video to make it higher quality e.g. use a DSLR+good lighting where possible, a bit of audio absorbing material around or podcast in a room without too much reverb. Stops the “oh they’re recording on a potato again” type feel.

(3) Maybe if this takes hold having higher profile crypto guests as well at some point? :slight_smile:


Looking forward to the first episode!

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Legit!!! :slight_smile::+1:

Finally the reason of the crowd will be heard :loud_sound:

Really Awesome :clap:

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Great stuff !

I can’t agree enough with having video with audio.

Being able to upload straight to YouTube is huge for exposure. Please don’t let this community suggestion fall on deaf ears!


please also post the podcast on youtube.

even better if you have video podcast. it will bring more visibility.


Yes audio with video, so we can share It in other social media and increase the audience/user👍


I wondered if nash was going to have more open talk discussions such as a podcast, I remember when I first found out about nash I loved watching that CNN video and watching fabio speak in front of a number people was very intriguing

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