Beta testing: Schedule for perfecting our product

That’s incorrect. Check things before spreading false info please.

Like this for example…?

Well those tokens are not staked either, so that trade revenue will go to the company, no?

But I’m not criticising it here, I think we are missing each other.
Lets just drop it, I tbh prefer the concept, it makes it more clear and bound to actual trading volume!
Thx for sharing the pic and having the chat, cheers

I see what you meant now. Yeah, that brings it down to around an overall max 56% fee sharing when excluding potential dividends to the company or founders or if they don’t stake those tokens. The 56% figure will likely increase with time though. It’s up to holders to stake their tokens to take advantage of the opportunity given.

It would have been nice to get this Medium article at Neo Devcon or shortly after instead of at Beta Launch so as to avoid confusion and temper expectations. This was poorly communicated before hand to be honest. Take it as you will.

Dude, you joined this community barely 3 hours.
Instead of talking about pumps and spreading misinformation, why not take some time to improve your understanding and get things right.

@TommyD I removed your comments in which you stated that Nash has more than 50% of the supply, we don’t. Nash has significantly less than that.

You are correct in the fact and we have always repeated: the staking computation will always use the full 50M supply on the denominator, that is made to give the company higher liquidity on its holdings and to benefit from trading activity on the exchange token.

That would be ideal @Moon, but unfortunately one month ago we couldn’t provide the information we can today. As we don’t provide roadmaps anymore after MVP we will be in better position to not announce progress on expected features and instead just shift to ship things as they are ready.


They were not choosen randomly, we did a survey (Want to be the first to use the Nash exchange?) that hundreds of community members replied to and we used that crossing with community activity.

Regarding the number, is 50 enough ? Yes, in fact they are being broken in groups of 5. To test different user profiles.

Why 5 ? That number comes from several years of user testing research, it is known that about 80% of the issues can be detect on a type of interview with up to 5 users of the required profile. I have already talked about this here before (this is also mentioned in the medium article announcing the beta), just Google “why 5 on user testing” or “how many users to do user testing” and you will see 100s of articles discussing this.

The second phase is to get statistical data (measure involuntary UX) that cannot be detected on the interviews.

As we said in the article this is all part of user-centered development, is well known on the software industry.


Understood – thanks for this explanation. Of course, we’re all hoping to see Nash as soon as possible!!! But this makes perfect sense – we’re dealing with our dev issues on Guardian Circle 3.0 (mid-April on iOS and Android release is our current target) – so we know how this goes,

Why do you guys have to waste Fabios time just let him do the work and wait for the finished product :man_facepalming:t2:

Absolutely :clap::clap::clap:
Poor Fabio is all over here and Twitter replying impatient people.
Well-baked projects take time to materialise.

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I re-watched FCC’s presentation at DevCon, and he did say “we invite every user from our community, on March 31, to use our products…” In context, this came shortly after discussing the three products:

  1. Fiat on/off ramp
  2. Wallet
  3. Exchange

Earlier in his presentation, FCC did say the exchange would not be released until the users helped refine the user experience. Like many of you, I am disappointed I cannot help test and provide feedback at this moment, but what’s another few weeks wait?

As far as future news release, when the time is right, I recommend a pinned FAQ on this forum that people can be directed to. It won’t satisfy every inquiry, but it would stop users from disseminating misinformation.


Hey guys, I would like to update you all that I already received a email and invite on 30/03/2019 . I think we have to trust team on what they are saying and doing . I would just like to thank @canesin and team for selecting me and u all will be selected soon too and will be able to see the platform . #nash #nex #future


Yes, I got my wording wrong and also apologiesed in the following message.
Thank you for the objective answer, and removing the false data.

Yes, who cares. Setups and plans change, it wasn’t a promise, it was a misleading statement, could have easily even been accidental, so who the heck cares.
This is gold longterm.

Good suggestion @hypotheticalidentity on the FAQ. I tried to reply many possible questions on this forum but clearly I will do a FAQ with those in the near future, we will already use that to coordinate the Beta feedback instead of people going lose on the forum.


i love canesin replies couse i can learn so much and not only about crypto… the five person group is amazing just like triancle tests when it comes to food taste survays.

what time will we start the beta test on Sunday?

14th April GMT + 2 ?