Beta testing: Schedule for perfecting our product

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Looks like the first round for the first 2 weeks (50 users) until April 14th is under NDA.


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Everything Fabio said about the open beta in advance was wrong. You do not hear anything about the interface today because people are under NDA.

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Beta testing: Schedule for perfecting our product

Nash will begin our Community beta testing program today, as we announced at NEO DevCon in February.

Beta testing is a crucial element of software development that is sorely overlooked within the blockchain space. Not only is beta testing essential for finding bugs, but it is also a key aspect of user-centered design. By allowing our community to test Nash, we will both catch outlying software glitches and gain valuable feedback on the first-hand experience of using our platform. This will enable our designers to further refine our interface, giving the intuitive, seamless experience that blockchain requires if it is to see mass adoption. User feedback is crucial if we are to bring distributed finance to everyone.

We will deploy three versions of our Community beta: Bluefield, Subgame and Equilibrium. Each new version will incorporate improvements based on the previous round of testing and feedback. We will continue to add features and will open the process to increasing numbers of users. By the end of April, everyone in the Nash Community will have been invited to test.

Nash Community members selected for Bluefield have already been contacted. Those selected for Subgame will receive a message through the Community by the end of Monday, 1 April. Invites for Equilibrium will be distributed through the Community later in April.

Beta invites contain a unique referral code, along with instructions for accessing the platform and providing feedback.

31 March: Bluefield

The first phase of our Community beta will be open to ca. 50 users, who have already been contacted. This phase of testing will be conducted with personal interviews and under NDA. The following platform features will be available:

  • Central accounts system
  • Funds management tools
  • Advanced exchange interface

We expect this phase to catch around 80% of bugs and we will focus on UI issues that affect professional traders.

John Forbes Nash, the famous mathematician and one of the founders of game theory, was born in Bluefield, West Virginia, on 13 June 1928.

14 April: Subgame

Further Community members will be invited to the second phase of our beta, bringing the total number of testers up to ca. 250. Testers are free to share their impressions with the world, with the exception of users invited to personal interviews under NDA. The following platform features will be available:

  • Central accounts system
  • Funds management tools
  • Advanced exchange interface
  • Simplified exchange interface

We expect this phase to catch the majority of remaining bugs and we will focus on UI issues affecting general users.

In game theory, a subgame is part of a game that occurs after a series of moves has already been made.

26 April: Equilibrium

The third phase of our beta will be opened to the entire Nash Community, giving a total of ca. 1,000 testers, based on today’s numbers. The following platform features will be available:

  • Central accounts system
  • Funds management tools
  • Advanced exchange interface
  • Simplified exchange interface
  • Markets view

This phase should iron out any remaining issues and be close to a showcase of our launch product.

In game theory, an equilibrium is a situation in which players’ strategies balance each other out, so the state of the game remains stable. John Nash described the famous Nash equilibrium, where players know each others’ strategies and gain no advantage from changing their own.

None of these testing phases will take place on the NEO and Ethereum mainnets. As such, Nash Exchange token (NEX) staking and fiat gateways will not be available within the beta platform itself. However, selected users will be invited to personal interview sessions to perform testing of the staking and fiat gateway interfaces. The same applies for our integrated KYC procedure.

If you are not yet a member of the Nash Community but are interested in helping us test our product, you still have time to join before we issue invites for the Equilibrium phase!

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Can you show me where have I said something that is wrong ?

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This is not correct. Bluefield starts today and Subgame starts on 14 April. The invites for Subgame will be issued by the end of Monday, 1 April.


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Please do not get me wrong. I’m a big fan of Nash and the whole team. I just looked forward to this day immensely to see something of the interface. But no, I have to wait 26 days. And that annoys me easily. Sorry.


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Thanks for the clarification. I deleted my post to avoid confusion.


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yeah that really sucks…we waited so long…but ok…1 more month and we are there! i trust the team.

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Most of the people were under the impression that the NDA testing would be in early March (what happened with that?) and everybody would have access by today (DevCon). It was never mentioned before, that this first NDA beta testing would be starting today. Great, everybody was looking forward to today, but now we have to wait for another 14 days and hoping to be lucky to be one of those 250 persons.


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I understand, but on DevCon we said it was community beta, to its members. I even gave an interview where I talked to Dylan how I expected the UI to change during it and our goals there.

Right after a lot of people (motivated by whoever knows) started promoting as a public launch. I had to repeatedly enter in Telegram and Twitter to reply disinformation. Almost everyday.

I outlined how the process would run on the message above. We will not rush it and will stick to the process.

Nash understands that investors are eager to see if progress is being made by someone other than the team. That is why we showed it in action to publications like, you can read the article here:

I am very glad by the support of all members here, thanks @fischdenflo! We will continue to engage publications to give confidence to investors (including people not in this forum, thousands of those). Very soon if you weren’t invited yet you will since you are a member of the community. The users invited to Bluefield are free to express that they have been invited to corroborate this.


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Several people did UI testing in the past, the people invited this past week is a new set coming exclusively from the community, not from previous surveys.

It is great that you think people invited to Subgame is lucky, but our goal is to hear feedback from user experience, so they will be lucky to help improve the product earlier. There is no profit to be made on receiving that invite besides contributing to the constant improvement of our platform.


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Thanks Fabio.

All the confusion started right here, 2 weeks ago:

@IshqIshq what will happen over the next two weeks is that we will cut internal versions for all the software components we have and connect the fist public testing version. This initial version will not settle on-chain (meaning it will run on testnets) invites will go out to a good but limited portion of the community, not under NDA - so you will hear feedback.


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hi canesin

were these 50ppl chosen randomly? because i cant believe 50 ppl will be enough to test anything…
especially if these ppl were randoms…what if only 25ppl are actually willing to test?

50 ppl seems so low…what kinda of trades are they doing to each other …

thanks for clarifting.


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Well I don’t think they were random picks :slight_smile:

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What was wrong? It was said to be beta launch, which implied it launching with “news” for people, having people see what it’s gonna be like.
Instead it’s not a launch. It’s an enclosed premium beta testing for a selected priority.

And if you want to say I am wrong - you can easily see everybody thought this, as the pump on Aph and Swth came, having it start crashing 1-2 days ago where things 100% became clear.


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You can hold the team to the facts they provide, not to your personal expectations… You were never promised anything with regard to the beta, it’s always been communicated as a gradual roll-out…

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More of us will be added tmrw, and the rest within the month. Yes… I was unaware of this and excited as well, patience is a virtue, and there’s no pump before staking enables anyway. image


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I think you’re confused on the dividend calculation, each token gets max 75% of total fee’s / 50 million tokens. Doesn’t matter how many nash team or neo team owns, your cut is constant per token.

And yes I believe in the long-term pump due to the staking hype/demand to come, this will not happen until there is some decent volume though. Think of it this way, if you can make 10% ROI/year people will buy up tokens until that drops to maybe 5%, then volume continues to increase so the ROI goes back to 10% and people buy it up until it’s back down to 5%, this is a rough example but it’s the idea I’m trying to express.


(CryptoUK1) #22

That’s incorrect. Check things before spreading false info please.