At What price are you likely selling your NEX?

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Thanks @BaClaire for the detailed description on how it works in Africa, very interesting!

To be honest, really did not have a clue that it is like that already. Good info!

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Lol. Nigeria is full of potential and of course a youthful, crypto-friendly population, but the current leaders are a bunch of old men who do not see the need for fostering a business friendly environment. The polity is rendered lazy due to an oil mono-economy.
So not surprised Nigeria was ignored.
Nigeria, despite its size and remarkable features, accounts for less than 0.5% of tourism in Africa. Do you know why?

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In my opinion, India is also a big big market. Not to mention payment service industry in India is growing and about to explode. Warren Buffet made his first investment in India in one of the payment service companies recently. However, banking license may again be a problem with crypto being involved. Hope NEX finds a way to operate within India.

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I agreed. Some fast developing internet countries of Africa are, Nigerai,Ethiopia,SouthAfrica,Ghana,Kenya,Cameroon. I believe if some of US in here coming from Africa are contacted, we can act like mediators to spread the news or help to make the company expand or act like Brand Ambasedors.

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Does payment service touch the matching engine collect fees??

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Yes but I think @canesin said that fees from payment service are not included in the investors’s dividends. Correct me if I’m wrong

(The Ron) #133

I think you are right altough I hope you are not right :grin:

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Maybe this helps you guys:

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So that means my hope is true? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Olu ) #136

Read the White Paper.
Fees from payment services are included!

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When using one of NEX wallets to pay a request (be using the extension, mobile or web) in the future the vision is that you will have the option to use any asset we can form a trading ring with and we will trade at current market price for you to be able to honor the payment. This trades go through the matching engine and so fees collected are redistributed. But the final transaction is a blockchain direct transaction A -> B, as such there is no fees collected since NEX is not a intermediary there.

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Okay, thanks for clarifying :+1:
The matching engine is the cornerstone of revenue and, fingers crossed, it is going to be fast, efficient and reliable.

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good vision

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Going to get my initial out anywhere from 3.5-15$, long term staking from there.