At What price are you likely selling your NEX?

(Yoruba Angel) #1

Hey guys, just wondering, at what price are you likely going to give up your NEX if you arent staking it?

(Alexh) #2

I’m looking at $15-20 for the 25-35% that I’m not staking.


I am looking around the same. Probably at $13-15 to sell just around 25% at most to recoop ROI and some profit then I’m letting this one ride a few years. Best project and team in crypto, would be utterly surprised if this doesn’t take the top exchange role within 2 years from now.

(Yoruba Angel) #4

am just wondering, considering NEX wont be trading on big volume exchanges, and how that might stall the growth of price…


It would be naive to think it wouldn’t have some effect but I’d imagine it’s more minimal than people believe. Prior to launch we should see fluctuations but NEX real value depends on the exchanges performance alone. If there is no volume then there’s no reason people would want the token. In the beginning, volume will be likely be low so it would actually most likely help if it wasn’t traded many places since there won’t be many people trying or able to sell. But once volume comes it will climb regardless.

(Alexh) #6

I think the idea that people will be cold and calculating and value the token strictly based on dividend performance is a bit unrealistic - people will speculate that dividend performance will rise as crypto gains mass adoption and prices will be ‘illogically’ high. I also think that NEX’s payment service are straight up revolutionary in the space and will create demand (buying/selling/spending) opportunities that just haven’t existed here to fore. So they’ll pick at Binance’s volume, Coinbase’s and … Visa’s business as well. I’m talking myself into staking more :slight_smile:


I agree with this to a certain extent. The token should be based on the dividends and exchange volume but ultimately you are 100% correct. That isn’t how people think or react. It will fluctuate as well and the staking mechanism could make it even more volatile since the there will be less supply active. In the end NEX should still do very well regardless.

(Nexwhale) #8

For the first 24 months I won’t sell and just stake 100%. I’m confident that the team will deliver a top 10 exchange.

(Nex Megalodon) #9

I think you should not sell and Full on Stake to get rewards, above that why would you sell? Just use the exchange and profit from the staking mechanism. So much incentives to use this dex.

(Dilligaf) #10

Never going to sell the chance of getting passive income, stake, sell dividends, re-invest and repeat.

Dont forget the dividends you get are also tokens that can appreciate in value depending on the market.

How would you use your staking rewards?
(Loran) #11

Most definitely!

Knowing that the years to come only more people will enter the crypto space and people wanting to be their own bank, NEX will be the place for them.

(Yoruba Angel) #12

Good one guys… am excited NEX is trading in some form of exchanges… but unhappy that we cant get a cheaper NEX . I believe NEX is strong long term hold.

(Hakkie) #13

Selling 20% to take out investment + nice profit. Rest is for max. staking

(Greekscreamer) #14

I think its a bad idea selling bellow 60$. EVEN kucoin hit 2bil marketcap, simple as that.
NEX is truly revolutionary and security tokens is the future. We are at 2018 still you cant send monay between weekends or holidays or buy stocks etc.

(Njb) #15

100x at the very minimum, but more likely 1000x.


(Justus) #16

50,000,000,000 market cap? :thinking:

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(The Ron) #17

It depends on the market, but I am willing to sell for $ 20,-, below 2 scenario’s.
Bear market scenario
Other coins are still bottomed out (assuming that they are pretty much bottomed out now), I am planning to sell 1/3 of my NEX holdings, and re-invest that profit to my favourite other coins/tokens BTC, NEO, ONT, VET and CHX, so my position in those is increased.
I want to do this because I want to diversify my portfolio, because I believe in more coins/tokens.
The other 2/3, stake for 2 years!

Bull market scenario
Other coins/tokens are on a high, I might still sell 1/3 and I will put the profit in fiat or stablecoin. Might also do some flipping of NEX. Or stake all and not sell. Don’t know yet. :slight_smile:
The other 2/3, stake for 2 years!

If < $ 20,- . Stake 'm all!!! :sunglasses:

(Newst Het) #18

75% staking for 2 years, 25% month to month Stacking, will sell that 25% only for 100$. rebuy when it gets down ;). get that 25% back, and put aside some profits.

That’s the dream …In reality If we get just 10$ per coin than profits alone should make most of us happy.

so actually I’ll probably never sell, If price goes to the moon so does monthly profits :wink:

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(Prathap) #19

I’m planning to sell 25%of tokens at 10 to 15$ range to recover the investment. 50% will be staked for 2yrs and other 25% between 20 to 25$

(Sam) #20

That’s what I’m talking about :+1: