Any chance at a limited edition "early backer" hat or shirt when the NEX store goes live?



I was hoping there may be a chance for ICO contributors to have the opportunity to get a limited edition NEX hat or shirt with the NEX logo that also has a caption with something like “early backer”. Possibly for only those that got into the ICO and contributed could get it by matching the ICO contributors NEX address within the store.

This would be a nice feature of allowing early backers to purchase and have a custom item.

(FCC) #2

interesting suggestion, @carla.


what good that you call attention @canesin, extraordinary suggestion of @TATENEX, we wait for your answer @carla

(Alex) #4

Yes I love gadgets… And Especially if its something special limited edition…
Here are some of my brainimpulses…

NEX Golfball…
(Team)sports articles in general might be match with #TrustYourselves

NEX ice cubes

NEX (jet)Fuel cap

NEX Waffles

NEX shoe Laces

Fashion brand Supreme has some great inspiration aswell……1…1…gws-wiz-img…35i39j0i67j0i10j0i30j0i8i30.c1H2zXamY_o


(Alex) #5

Also big fan of premium printed (art)books.
custom product design… like DADI did

(Alex) #6

NEX transparent suitcase

(The Ron) #7

snapback hat :heart_eyes:

(Aman) #8

Great suggestion. Maybe I’m going overboard here, NEX logo in front with some caption as suggested and at the back ICO transaction hash. So it will be intriguing for someone who looks from back and will be all the more interested to see whats in the front :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking something simple like the NEX logo text on the front with “EARLY BACKER” in smaller text centered underneath. Then on the back of the hat along the center of the back rim “”.

Simple and effective.

(Hypotheticalidentity) #10

I like the idea of a limited edition shirt. If it’s white, I recommend the following:

  • Dri-fit material (no cotton)
  • embroidered logo or sewn-in patch: this would be more costly, but the shirt would feel more premium


I was thinking something like this, just my thoughts! @carla @canesin

(Basti) #12

Looks great, I would pay for that too. What is missing something is the slogan “Trust Yourself”

(Trust Yourselves ) #13

It’s important not to have too much information on the clothing. ‘NEX’ at the front and something in small print at the back is ok.
And I think you mean ‘Trust Yourselves’


Couldn’t agree more. The slogan is less important than the logo and website address. The early backer says something for the user and would make it a limited edition item.

(Carla Paiva) #15

Thanks for posting! We’ve already designed a few special things for our early backers and have been taking your suggestions on board. There’s a lot happening this year, so you should have a number of pleasant surprises. If you come to our presentation and stick around, the team will also be happy to talk about your ideas in person :slight_smile:


Perfect! Can’t wait to see what the team has in store!

(Peter) #17

An alternative… maybe release high res logo for us to create our own merchandise. A lot of these merch ideas are great, but I don’t see myself using most of them.

Another idea: Once the exchange is launched, maybe launch a marketing campaign for the most creative merch or art created by the community (must be shared on social media). It would be great to see the creativity amongst the community.

Trust Yourselves.

(Ne Xus) #18

Let it be sewn logo and letters!

(The Ron) #19

Nice, one addition: choose from this version and snapback hat :slight_smile:

(Alex) #20

Partially agree…

In time NEX should release high resolution brand assets, but not for the purpose you encourage [‘to create our own merchandise’]. (my opinion only)

Some brands will make their logo (with some other high res hero images) accessible in a ‘press-kit’ for the press to use.
If a brand works with third parties to make creatives with their logo (ad agency, developer community,…) the brand has strict brand guidelines and style guides to show how the logo may or may not be used. Some even have dedicated website for it, others will simply publish a pdf.


Personally wouldn’t like it if everybody uses the logo in self-made creatives and then shares it all over the space…
It causes confusion with the actual brand standards and most of those artworks will likely have a ‘spammy’ look anyways. Doing more harm then good. I think it is even prohibited by law.

In the end it is up to NEX to encourage, discourage, enforce or ignore the matter…
Maybe they like the idea of having their logo all over the place for initial awareness… In that case your idea sounds great!