Any chance at a limited edition "early backer" hat or shirt when the NEX store goes live?


(Peter) #21

Totally understand your point. I do agree with you also regarding control of quality of merchandise.

My thinking is along the lines of being congruent with the ‘Trust Yourselves’ motto. I’m possibly overthinking the theme but I do believe that because everyone are essentially individuals with unique preferences, it would be great to see people make their own unique merch that they would actually use/wear.

For me I often am quite picky with hats, shirt styles/sizes, water bottles, pens etc. You’ll also find that because it is quite niche, that it is not cost efficient for anyone to mass produce merchandise. It will often go unsold and if given away, then unused/unworn and thus the party that is spending money for the community will result in a loss.

The press kits are along the lines of what I’m thinking.

(Lavalamp) #23

I would like a simple beautiful Nash hoodie. :nash_token:

(Aman) #24

I just want all payments in Nash Store to be done using crypto only and using NEX matching engine. :smiley:

(Crypt On The Beat) #25

Early Investor badge could be cool too, been here since day one haha

(Bitzion) #26

x2 :nash_token:

(Jump Around) #27

The best early backer gift we could be given is a working exchange and a pile of volume … ill take that please