Any AMA for the upcoming meet-ups?

(Mao Mao) #1

I have a few questions to ask the team…If there is AMA…i wish these questions can be answered. Since the exchange is coming up soon…

Who will be in-charge of actively looking for projects to list on your exchange? Will u be hiring more talents for this role?

Also, roles that can secure more partnerships for NEX so more firms will be integrated with payment systems which will also increase usage of this platform (Who is securing partnerships with companies out there right now?)

How big of the NEX team do you aim to have in the next 1 year? 20?50? (This can affect how fast your listings of tokens will be on your exchange since there are technical efforts needed to be listed on NEX exchange)

(EC) #2
  1. Any plans to list a stable coin? licensing issues can prevent listing of USDC or GUSD for the time being so what about DAI? Having to use offramps to secure fiat value (vital in a bear market) will be tedious and expensive.

  2. Any plans to list other types of financial products like those listed here once the ecosystem is mature enough?

  3. Where do you see NEX in 5 years?

(Cypher Investor) #3
  1. Also what are the teams thoughts on adding Tether?
Thought Basis

Obviously the market is concerned about it’s legitimacy however Tether currently accounts for $1b in daily transaction volume on OKEx alone, BTC and Tether combined make up a very large percentage of global trade volume. BTC support is already in the pipeline so if the team was to consider supporting Tether they’d be opening the platform up to the largest percentage of global daily trade volume.

  1. I’d like to know if the team is more interested in having lots of low volume pairs i.e. all of the tokens from different platforms or if they’ll be targeting assets with the largest global daily volume?
Thought Basis

Previously the team has stated that they’ll focus on adding platforms i.e. NEO, ETH, EOS, ICX, ONT etc… which will in turn enable support for trading all of the tokens available on each platform. This will drive volume by enabling a wide range of trading pairs however if the market is not interested in trading those pairs time would be better spent supporting those assets that the market is interested in. Liquidity is key here, having a few high-volume pairs will be of greater value than a ton of illiquid low -volume pairs.

  1. Has the team considered adding EOS and Ripple?
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