Decentralised Financial Products

(EC) #1

Other than tokenised securities, there’s been growing interest and development in decentralised financial products e.g.

Whilst these are still in the very early stages of development, they have the potential to evolve into a substantial market. Since most of these products are in the form of ERC-20 tokens, there aren’t any technical limitations that would prevent them from being traded on NEX from day one, however I can imagine that there are a bunch of legal issues that would need to be overcome. So my questions are:

  1. Does NEX plan to allow for trading of these novel decentralised instruments in the future?
  2. Do the licences that NEX is currently pursuing allow for trading of said instruments once granted?

Hoping that @ethan @canesin can offer their thoughts on the matter.

Any AMA for the upcoming meet-ups?
(Trust Yourselves ) #2

Very interesting.

(CryptoMange) #3

As you said, these decentralized instruments are still in early development so I don’t see it being their main priority right now. Not sure what kind of licenses are required if any, listing an ERC20 won’t be a technical issue. Would love to have @ethan or @canesin chime in on this.

(Njb) #4

I’m sure they’ll list plenty of other financial instruments eventually, but be careful of gimmicky tokens.

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(FCC) #6

The legal path we are pursuing should allow for those types of instruments, but they are not priority for this year - as you said, they are still very novel and I would consider it “alpha” or “beta” versions of the protocols. Ethereum itself is evolving quite fast, so those protocols will probably follow to adopt new features and improve performance/cost.