Am i the only one waiting for dividend reward?

The timer has official hit 0 Hours for my stakings and my reward has still not come through. Has anyone have this issue or have you received your dividend payout?

I been waiting too but just realised we are on summer time. UTC midnight is still 32 minutes :wink:

we’ll see XD, now the question is “When Dividend Payout?” instead of “When Launch?”

I hope everything is ok, the final hour ended 1am UK time and suddenly everything is stuck loading.

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Nash is not available to me either :thinking:

Please also share a picture after it was successful. With how many decimal places does Nash work on the payout? Was the volume maybe too low?

0 hours means it is in the last hour still counting down… It went to 0 hours here in UK at midnight and then at 1am on the dot it all crashed i think :(… Im sure it will be sorted quickly though.

Guys come on dont be sily dont wait to take the milions from day 1. The volume is very low its only the start the first day!!!

If i don’t make at least $1 million from first day of dividend payout then this project is a scam.


I’m getting “Nash is down for maintenance.” this past hour.

Without an update from the team on why the exchange seems to be down at the moment, it’s easy to assume there was an issue that needed to be worked on with the first dividend payments. But that’s all it is, an assumption. I believe in this team, but I do think they should have a swift communications team going forward in order to build a reliable reputation.

We are re-deploying a fix at the moment.


Thank you.

Update: Exchange is back, and happy to report the dividends went through. I was only able to stake 1/3rd because of the surprise 8 Stake Limit, but I did indeed earn some crypto.

For anyone seeing a Dividend balance of zero, check closely. You may have earned minute fragments of some NEO, ETH, USDC and GAS. Not at all bad considering the low volume of the first day.

My Staking and portfolio portion of is failing to load now, worked fine before the staking deadline at midnight UTC. Now nothing will load. Using Brave browser in Canada.

Same here. Can’t login to check stake.

I believe the exchange is down for maintenance.

Guys, seriously. There’s insignificant volume on Nash since it launched this week. What dividends are you expecting? I don’t know how accurate this website ( ) is but you can estimate your dividend payout based on exchange volume with it. You’ll see that payouts will be insignificant until we reach an exchange volume of at least $100mil per day.

That would be about 11% of return from initial investment monthly! I disagree of such analysis, payouts will be significant long before such volume.


It’s accurate. Just fill in the expected volume. Although it doesn’t support less than $10m monthly.

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Has anyone actually not received the dividends after the payout time frame ? By @Demilikos update seems everything is working as it should. If someone still has a issue please contact .


How is that? Can you explain with certain numbers as an example?