About 25000 ICO participants. Only 900 community members. Suggestions?

I wish there were a lot more members in the community than just 900. Guys please provide your valuable suggestions. How can the team & community group incestivise others to be a part of this fantastic community group. To ensure that NEX is a success, we need to make sure that the NEX Community has as many valuable members as possible. A larger community can drive the project forward and make it extremely popular.


To join the community, you need at least 1 NEX token. The tokens are not listed on any approved exchanges yet. Not many people know about the exchanges trading the token at the moment and others don’t feel comfortable using those exchanges (security, liquidity concerns etc). I presume we will see an uptick in the number of people on the discussion board once the token is officially listed and people can buy it.

many people dont want to link their nex wallet with community to login which is why they stay away. if there was a way where they can sign up if they have 1 or more nex but after sign up they can do simple identity verification to stay in community and login without wallet would be great option. @canesin. Please think

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17.000 to 18.000 ICO participants btw

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Having to register using the extension has surely limited the numbers so far. Some active members even recently didn’t know it was possible to get logged in on mobile.
We will be able to login via the exchange website as well as having the forum integrated into mobile apps

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Okay. Thanks for the correct figure. But 900 still too low. Only about 5% ICO investors are community members. Hope the number increases drastically once the exchange is launched.

Two challenges:
-NEX currently only trades on OTC and unregulated exchanges
-Mobile phone access needs to be fine tuned


My Dad and about two friends have Nex through the ICO, mainly because I talked a lot about it. About three other work friends have it via OTC buys, also because I talk about NEX. None of these people even own bitcoin or follow crypto. There’s no way their will be part of the community. I think you have to be a pretty big die hard fan to be here. Plus, it won’t add value having more sign up here if they aren’t going to return or aren’t really interested.

However, I expect the participation to go through the roof in the coming months.

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It is a good tactic requiring nex in a wallet in order to restrict to holders which means it’s harder for trolls to sign up.

By the way, according to https://scan.nel.group/nep5/0x3a4acd3647086e7c44398aac0349802e6a171129, there are only 7862 wallets with at at least 1 NEX token. A large number of people probably had multiple accounts or bought a lot OTC.

The only reason that many are not joining it yet is because it requires the Chrome Extension to sign-in. If this is removed and people could normally register, then we will see this grow.

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There are over 25000 wallets containing NEX:

Is that website numbering system correct. Page 1: ranks wallets by number of nex. Page 1 has wallets 1 to 15.
Page 2 has wallets 11 to 25 etc
Each page displays 15 wallets but only counts 10. It’s hard to explain but take a look. Basically by the time you get to page 10, the wallet count displayed is only up to 100, but 150 wallets have been shown.
Something not right. I suspect there are more like 11,000 wallets with >1 NEX

@John_Nash Yes you are correct, there is a bug in their counting.
On page 787, I can see the last account with at least 1 NEX token, so approximately 787*15=11805 accounts with ≥1 NEX.

@NEOGASRPX That number is also counting the accounts with less than 1 NEX.

Hmm… How on earth did 10k+ wallets end up with <1 NEX?

The team clearly have their reasons for only allowing us to sign in with the chrome extention and needing one NEX to do so at this point in time, which is difficult for people to buy right now.
Its totally killing the number of community members and is definately stopping the growth of the community becuase of it.
Maybe this is just whilst production continues? would be nice to have a official comment on this.
Extention is a useful tool and i hope to see its functions increased in the future, but it should be just that… a tool and not a barrier.
I would definately suggest and encourage that once the exchange is opened to the public, that the forums become open to all. Maybe relaxing the need for the extention as a means to access the community.
I understand that with open access trolls and moderators will be an issues but thats what we are here for … forums take on vetren community moderators to “police” the forums.
I dont need to explain that growth in all aspects is the goal… and fixing this new member blocking practically useless extention, which was only needed for the ico if im remembering correctly, would most definately open up the forums and group content for all new interested people.
Nash needs its doors to be WIDE open to get to the top, accessible is the word is it not?

You only need to own NEX during registration. After that, you can login with that even if the balance is 0.

Having to use the extention and have 1 NEX in there at the time of sign up when NEX is not easy to get a hold of for the foreseeable future due to waiting on licences and NASH exchange launch is the issue here. Its a barrier to anyone wanting to get involved and ask, find out about NASH/NEX, and get involved with us here as a group.
Thats not a good sign to new faces to the project at all. This community basically has its doors shut to new interested parties unless they jump through hoops and manage to find out how to get the entention, how to set it up, how to buy a NEX token.
Focus for the project was put on being open and very user friendly/accessible to clueless noobs as well as crypto vets. (not meaning to sound disrespectful with the noob comment)

Keeps out the nasties tho. The ones that just want to troll.
Given the generally constructive nature of many of the comments here, my opinion is it’s a reasonably effective approach.

So the answer to keeping out 1% of the trolls is to put a barrier up towards 99% of the normal constructive people? nah.