A question regarding NASH Pay

I Enjoyed the Q2 report and am very excited for the launch. One thing I did pick up from the video that @canesin mentioned was there is no profit from the NASH Pay service.

So I’m assuming NEX token holders will not receive any monetary % from NASH Pay, just from the exchange fees?

It was said that it may be source of revenue in the future. I understand the vision of NASH Pay; to have their name as common as many household names out there and to be the leader in merchant crypto payments amongst other things. Which I hope and believe it can be.

As an investor in NEX the thing that got me most excited was having a share in the fees of the payment side (I must state; I presumed this would be the case and have never been lead to believe this was the case by the NASH team). As said in the report this market is far larger than the exchange market.

I understand the team is very busy at the moment but would be grateful if some light could be shined on this matter. Or if the info regarding this is out there a link to further information would be great.

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Do I understand you correctly that you think that we do not benefit from Nash Pay? You have to look at things differently. If you were to pay something with NEO, in the background via the Exchange, for example, neo will be exchanged for btc and then for fiat. And we benefit from this exchange. As soon as an exchange takes place via the matching engine, we benefit from the fee’s. I hope I could bring a little light into the dark :slight_smile:


Thanks @fischdenflo That’s how I thought it worked, anything through the matching engine incurs a fee and a percentage goes to the staked NEX tokens.

Many thanks for you quick response :wink:


that’s exactly how it works. Nothing to thank for. With good questions I like to help … :sunglasses::love_you_gesture: