NEX dividends - long term

We all know the model of dividends by staking your NEX token on the Nash exchange.

But besides the exchange Nash has greater plans for the future for example Nash payments.

Are there plans to share dividends of the revenue made by other Nash products in the future?
Or is it only limited to exchange?

All the revenue that goes through the matching engine goes to the holders. That will not change. But also nashpayments will partly run on the matching engine, so we receive revenue as well.

No matter which Nash product it is. As soon as an exchange takes place via the engine we will be involved :wink:

If I’m wrong, please correct me :slight_smile:


Thats not true :wink:

I know what’s there and do not just read the headlines :wink:

So where is the advantage of Nash Pay if I pay with the same currency? That does not strike me for the sake of the best. But yes you are right with the same currencies of course, no fees incurred :slight_smile:

But the advantage of Nash pay is just that you can pay with all currencies and thus incur exchange fees. :sunglasses: