2 random questions

(EC) #1
  1. How long will the platform stay in beta? Will we be able to stake during this period and get staking rewards?

  2. Once Nash has the licences to allow fiat markets, what will happen to the 3rd party fiat-gateway providers? What purpose will they serve in the regions where Nash has a banking licence?


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(Ethan Fast) #2

We will be announcing more details about the beta program later in March. You may or may not be able to stake tokens during the beta depending on whether it is running on public mainnets.

The fiat gateways will never go away! They are an important part of our model and allow us to interact with fiat currencies around the world without establishing a presence in every regulatory jurisdiction that we want to support.

Tempered expectations
Staking at the time of beta launch?
(EC) #3

Thanks for clarifying. Still not entirely sure what the purpose of the gateway will be in regions like NA or Europe where I imagine Nash will have licences.

Presumably we will be able to wire USD to Nash from a bank account, use that as capital for trading and then withdraw back to a bank account - similar to Coinbase Pro. At that point, why would anyone use a fiat gateway?

(Kelvin Fugara) #4

@elliptic.curve have you read the above part? what your are suggesting from coinbase pro, is what made it not available in most country.

(EC) #5

Yes, that’s why I specifically asked about regions where licences have been granted