Tempered expectations

In the next week or two, there will be a private testing of the exchange (for selected community members). Following some iteration, the BETA testing will go live for the community, and staking is dependent on whether the testing is on the mainnet:

If the awards for the referral program is announced in June, can we assume that the BETA testing will last from March into June (about one quarter)? That begs the question: when will the exchange launch worldwide? If staking is unavailable during BETA, that sucks out the excitement for me. Anyone else feel this way?

Not sure how you think this is related. The referral program can perfectly go hand in hand with the full version.

For a product of this scope, one quarter of BETA testing seems kind of short. Depends how on number of users testing the platform. I’m only using one quarter because announcement of referral program winners could be a good time to announce the worldwide launch of Nash.

Staking is only a tiny part of the full spectrum of products. My main focus will be to take the time to set up my account, familiarise myself with all the products (fiat ramps/index if available etc), and figure out if it’s going to replace all the other services I use (Bitpanda/ledger/Coinbase/binance etc).

Then I have to explain to my dad that the ledger he spent so much time setting up and learning how to use has been superseded by Nash. Then set him and a few others up with Nash accounts

Staking income will be low at the start and for while so impact for me is negligible.