Your keys, your coins

Today the phrase “Your keys, your coins” made me remember, that I am in control and have access to my funds.
Maybe the community and the nash support can learn something from this:

I have a kyc’ed account and in august I created a second account. This account was tier-0.
I didn’t know that this wasn’t allowed and I didn’t get any warning messages for 5 months and was able to trade up until late december. Then out of nowhere I got this message: “An account has already been created using this IP address. To access all Nash services on this account, please upgrade to Tier-1.”
Since now I wasn’t able to access the funds tab in the tier-0 account, I contacted the support on 23rd of december.
With their help I was able to access the funds tab again and retrieve some currencies but not all. When trying to send Eth the page kept freezing. No matter which browser or device I used.

With that problem however nash support wasn’t able to help. So I had no access to my Eth for 12 days and still no helpful solution for the problem in sight. I then remembered the phrase: “Your keys, your coins”.
Using a third party software and my private keys I was able to retrieve and send my eth to another address in less than 2 minutes.
From this I learned that I am always truly in control of my own funds and I wish for 2 things:

  1. In the future the support should suggest people having similar problems to use their private keys to retrieve their funds

  2. A warning message should pop up immediately when creating a second account from the same IP address and not after 5 months


I just realized that the phrase is “Not your keys, not your coins”. I prefer to say “Your keys, your coins” for nash, since the first phrase has a negative connotation.


“Your keys - your coins” is true with Nash 100% of the time. When you could not access your funds it is just a matter of interface, at no point did Nash had any access to your funds. An average programmer could develop the tools to retrieve funds on Nash at any time. However, since most people don’t have that knowledge Nash will develop the tools so that anyone can do it very easily. It’s just that those tools aren’t a priority right now but that doesn’t mean Nash should not proudly stick to YKYC since it is true no matter what.

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