Your account is temporarily locked. Please try again later.8H!

AGAIN ! It would be nice not to look like a cex

why is my account still blocked? I don’t know but it is starting to seriously worry me ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage:


It can be frustrating. Mine is locked too. Even to the point I have to send a Facepic for 2FA removal. (which somehow got messed up).

Even though I would love to use Nash BTC wallet, I’m waiting until Nash has a more trustworthy procedure to handle those facial checks for account unlock.
At this point its unclear who those support people are and what information they have access to and where they are allowed to access this information from. (home, beachbar, coworking office,…)

Frankly said, I don’t trust any (remote) startup support-team with much private information. I’m sure they’ll find a way or build up a good reputation soon or late.

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Do you have to send a facepic because you lost your back-up key of your 2FA account?

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It is my own fault because I was testing 2FA security against simultaneous login like in a live phishing attempt. This action (or following support actions) somehow corrupted entire 2FA including valid keys. I didn’t lose backup or 2FA whatsoever. It just don’t work anymore.

This was last month, but should be resolved already if this corruption was unintentional.

They need to reset my entire 2FA before allowing me access again. They propose I use second option described here:

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@BILLYBELT2018 and @sanderdms if you enter wrong 2FA more than 5 five times your account is blocked for 30min. If your account is blocked twice it is blocked until you contact support - this is a feature to avoid a brute-force attack on 2FA if the user has a compromised password.

We will add the option to reset 2FA using the 12 words like we do with the password.


Daniel has unlocked my account ! But it was not beacause of 2FA !