"Your account is permanently locked "

What is this shit and why is my account blocked ?

mines fine… so yeah its not systemic

Can you cancel your orders?

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Is it yes or no?

No orders to cancel, all he has on nash are NEX tokens and they are locked.
We are having issues transferring from personal to trading so something is happening ^^

Nothing is working: transfers, cancelling orders, choosing timeframes…

yeah and it’s the weekend of course

Haven’t seen that before hmm, contact support as well as it suggests.

Support is silent.

I haven’t order at this moment

We’re aware of the problem and are looking into it now.

What about all other issues? (support is not responding)

@BILLYBELT2018 and @kazanchev, preliminary update: it seems to be a 2FA error introduced in last update. For security measures the accounts get blocked after repeated tries on the 2FA and on the update the counter is accumulating.

What about other issues? (transfers and order cancelling)

We are trying to reproduce your error, we saw that there was a failed transaction on the blockchain. I will provide a update in 1h.

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i already reported this issue to support before. i had my account permanently locked after 0 or 1 failed 2fa attempt, it reported i tried too much times, while in reality i think that i wasnt even finished entering the code yet.

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:wink: it is working now !!

So as @BILLYBELT2018 informed we have already pushed a fix and have been monitoring the 2FA issue, further improvements are to be live. Our chat support will be active the next couple hours if you need to contact us with urgency. We will process tickets as usual.