You do realise Nash rekt travala with Nash Pay right?

Figure it out

How so? Please explain.

Nope! please enlighten us

ill give the short version … basically Nash will provide settlement to merchants in fiat through crypto payment . Soon to bring Bitcoin. So go ahead and book ur flight/accommodation with crypto on *any travel website with Nash Pay …merchant will never need to see the crypto or even know

This slightly reduces the use-case for Travala

Edit : this renders Travala usless


Slightly right… ? Then why make this post ?

he means that travala foresees such a scenario… will be deprived…

ill edit that just for you


but Travala (AVA) can get you nice traval tickets and world tour package if you accumulate it cheap and dump it once it goes live on Binance.

yeah pretty funny…
its a terrible idea to use pretty much any unpegged crypto currency as a means of payment with the way they fluctuate.

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They all go the same way, I expected to see Nash Pay here, however they came forward