You could use a community manager, Nash

Hey there Nash,
I notice complaints about communication in the unofficial telegram chat, and i also don’t see that much activity on the forum from the team.
Wouldn’t it be a idea to get a community manager to bridge the gap between team and users?
A community manager would know both sides of the story. What is going on at Nash in detail and knowing what the community seeks for, and relay this to the team.
He would actively chat and be active on social media to see what can be improved, and be active in communication as well.

I think it would improve a lot for the community satisfaction and for the team to know the current issues and feedback from them.


Hi @Konijntje!
We fully understand this need. In fact, the activity here has been flowing less than initially planned, and it has a lot to do with how we aligned our strategy and goals in 2019.
We are aware of the demand for richer communication and in 2020 we will have a number of changes, including how we relate to the community and the more active presence of members that fill this gap.


Good to hear! :slight_smile:

that is indeed good to hear, Carla. Hope we can soon hear more about this!

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This reply is reassuring! Thanks!