YET another Centralized exchange hacked

Seems like the whole crypto market is preparing for Nash launch :wink:


I heard it is very likely decentralized exchanges can be hacked as well? It mainly depends on the code…would be great to know how possible it is to hack Nash once it is online.

Nash has had security reviews and their code checked/reviewed multiple times by professionals so not something I’d be worried about.

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They’ve mentioned before that since their platform does not control your funds you cannot get hacked through their platform, only a small amount of the teams liquidity is at risk. The larger worry is someone accessing your computer and attacking you that way… Hardware wallets seem to be on their radar so that shouldn’t be a problem eventually either. Centralized exchanges are higher risk because you literally deposit your funds in their wallets, and their wallets are the ones that get emptied.

Since nash never hold ANY of its users funds(nash is non-custodial), you cant even touch the user’s funds in nash, let alone hack it. So why would you hack nash? Logical right? Haha

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What about the extension tho? :thinking:

Goes back to the point, nash does not hold user funds. Only way is thru phishing which users have to be careful about.

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true true

I’d love Nash to take part in hackathon events like Pwn2Own and other similar events. This is a great way of ensuring security and instilling confidence among users and market.

  • Our security review process has been completed. This comprised a total of five reviews with three different companies (two with Recurity Labs, two with Cure53 and one with NCC Group). No critical flaws in current code were found in any of these reviews.

if you have read the Q1 quarterly report, nash has already engaged with firms in security reviews which shows no critical flaws…

NCC Group is one of the large firm founded in 1999 and traded in stock exchanges with at least 15,000 clients.

Wouldnt harm though to take part in hackathon events but i guess this has already completed in their roadmap for now since rigorous checks has already been done by these large security firms.

I agree

We do that, just because we are not hyping every step we take doesn’t mean we don’t take them. For example we are sponsoring Allstarts 2019 together with some software industry giants.

Our goal is in the next couple years to be at the center of security and applied cryptography communities.

On a more positive attitude if you guys have contacts to introduce in important security research hackatons or events like these feel free to DM me and we will connect.


This is great to know. Thanks for this information. Always one step ahead :v:
And if I may, maybe, Nash can introduce a newsletter of sorts, wherein all these updates and events are posted.