Wrong calculation of rewards

Hi, I’m 100% sure there’s an error in computing mine rewards in liquidity mining competitions… mine are not doubled, where can I report it or how can I achieve to fix it please? @canesin @clare

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I have the same problem. Mine are not on the scoreboard… I had 200.000 maker volume…

No, I’m joking. Didn’t had time this week, but next week, I will be there! :smile:

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Create a support ticket. Pretty sure you should be aware of support by now

it’s not funny… there’s a bug affecting all people in the leaderboard… imagine Nash would send NEX already… no chance to revert it… this needs to be fixed

My guess is a support ticket would get to the team faster than a community post about it

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I guess so… these numbers don’t add up
But I’m sure this will be resolved

I have the same issue. I think they took the max stake instead of the sum. I’m sure they will fix it and update the leaderboard.

Your picture looks ok to me, the one with 105nex got 100% bonus and the other one got 50% bonus. Without staking bonus they would have won around ~52,5nex with that volume.

O Sh*t… I forgot about the 50% bonus, was thinking 0 and 100%. thanks for correcting