Withdrawals during maintenance

We know that NASH does not have our private key. I also know that I can withdraw Bitcoin during maintenance using the third party wallet with my private key.
But is it technically possible to transfer Bitcoin from a trading account to a PERSONAL ACCOUNT or an external ACCOUNT during maintenance?

I’ve been curious because a lot of people have said it on twitter.

It is possible, but it is not easy for a layman. Nash is developing a method that will make it easy for you in the future.


As @Moon said we will work in a tool to make this process easy. It is important however to note that Nash works with state-channels, and issuing a unilateral closing of a channel is a slow process, is like withdrawing from a channel in the Lightning Network, it can take a couple of days as the blockchain will run a dispute resolution process.
So is actually faster to just wait Nash to be available again.
Another thing that we will be working that I believe is the best solution is that most maintenance events will not require the funds platform to be offline.