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Show the superiority of Nash Wallet Security over competition. Show why my Crypto is SAFER with Nash!

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Top 10 or Top 5 Safest Wallets in Crypto! ( use your creativity, no limits or strict conditions )
Demonstrate why Nash Wallet is the SAFEST place for my Crypto!


  • various metrics
  • various wallets ( centralized, decentralized, paper, hardware…)

The Best design combined with knowledge will be chosen by our awesome Community!
Who gets the most likes will win 250 NEX :partying_face:

Competition Starts: NOW
Competition Ends: March.10.2021 at 6 am Oregon time.

Example of format: :point_down:

Have fun :star_struck:. Good gluck :wink:


I don’t know if this would qualify because I am not the author of the page;

But I always show this link to people that I pitch Nash wallet. The comparison is great because it has all the most popular wallets, pros/cons of each one and of course for Nash being declared as the best one. This educates people about wallet capabilities and safety features which makes it easy to understand why Nash is the best.


More like this style: :point_down:
Easy to see the difference, easy visible on Twitter, Facebook…

The point is to be creative and by looking for 10 seconds at the image, to clearly understand why I should choose Nash.

Any source of information and inspiration can be used, it just needs to present the Safety of the wallet in the best way possible.
Get what is available, and make something Amazing :heart_eyes_cat:

Take in consideration that people are lazy :grin:
Take in consideration upcoming features like Time-Lock

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Let’s help people understand that Binance is not the safest because is the Biggest, or any other things like that ( that are confusing people)

Multiple versions can be presented by the same person.
Do it for our Community, let’s talk with certainty about Nash.
The best work is going to be used as proof that Nash is simple the best option.
Available for everyone, the same for everyone ( rich or poor).
Our dedication and passion will be shown for everyone to see!

I was thinking all night about this, hopefully you will join the challenge :handshake:

Use your knowledge and skills to show the real value of Nash to the whole WORLD :earth_africa:

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