Will we have this services in the future?

Somebody please take the time to educate me. In the screen shoot below are mentioned some futures that we don’t have yet. Will we have them in the future?

What is WalletConnect?

Thank you

I believe that the main thing holding back Nash for these types of services are regulations i.e. not having all the licenses to offer such services. Even current services that Nash offers like the exchange, on/off fiat ramp and even Nash link (available only in EU) are severely limited in terms of countries that could use it.

Nash team basically bets that the regulation hammer will eventually come down hard and projects like Nash will not only be spared but they could be one of the few services (projects) that the regulator allows and specifically points to as a reference. The additional advantage of this approach is that it is easier to onboard non-crypto related businesses that would be interested in crypto markets and/or adoption of the technology but are currently very hesitant due to uncertainty of regulations, speculative reputation of crypto, bad rap due to many scams, etc.

This type of approach is exactly why Nash can have liquidity partners while Idex and Uniswap could never dream of such or similar “real world” partnerships even though they have the edge in the current “anything goes” situation while things have minimal to no regulation.
This is also why Nash can hope to achieve partnerships with mainstream companies such as Uber, Steam, airline companies, booking companies, smart cities (public transport), webshops, various retail business, etc.

But that is also why Nash will lack features from your screenshot and that is why it lacks hype beyond this community since the crypto crowd is mostly oriented very short term (which is the next “moon” project, what are the 10x coins in the next 6 months, etc).

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