Will Staking NEX be Limited to Nash Addresses?

So I have recently set up my first NEON Wallet and as a test, I sent a small amount of NEX there to see if it would indeed transfer. It went flawlessly. Now I am wondering if it might be possible to link my wallet address to the Nash Exchange and utilize the staking contract without transferring my funds to the exchange at all (edit: I mean without using the address generated on the exchange). This is all assuming my account is properly KYC’d. Does anyone know anything along these lines? @canesin @fabwa

Better still can you stake from a hardware wallet…? (not sure how to KYC)

You can only stake utilisting the Nash wallet when the MVP launches. Canesin stated that they are positive that staking is possible utilisting hardware wallets, and that they will look into it in a later time-frame.