Will Nash Earn use aave on avalanche

Avalanche is live on Nash and Nash Earn is a front end to aave on ETH for the average person. Will Nash take advantage of Aave incentive program when it launch on Avalanche? When Aave launch on AVAX it’s mostly likely going to give user a higher APY because of the incentive program compared to Aave on ETH. If Nash Earn plugs into that contract, Nash will be offering user a higher APY. It should Attract more users to Nash. Plus with the ability to switch between chain Nash can always offer the best APY.


I agree. Expanding the offering for L1 trading is great but Nash should also engage as a regulated fiat ramp for various DeFi services (i.e. AAVE equivalent on Solana or Terra, upcoming DeFi on N3, etc) since this could dramatically raise the L1 volume. I realize there might be some regulatory challenges and uncharted territories but I also hope we learned some lessons from the L2-focused days.

I’ll just leave this here… :smirk:

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Are you telling me this announcement of an announcement that hasn’t been announced yet? Lol. I’ll Nash has me falling for Avax already. I’ll be there.

My apologies…No announcements or Easter eggs here, just a chance to ask questions! :sweat_smile:

I am not sure this settles the matter OP has raised. The question was about AAVE on Avalanche which is not yet available (AFAIK) and you responded with AVAX coin being available for L1 trading on Nash.

I was referring to the AMA, where any Avalanche-related questions could have been posed to Nash. I don’t think anyone asked about it though.