Will all sale participants be eligible to stake?

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Will those from countries allowed in the sale be eligible to stake?

I just wanted to get this cleared up as I don’t think it has been confirmed anywhere. Maybe I’ve just missed it.

For example, Chinese and South Korean citizens will be able to stake their NEX tokens?

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(CryptoUK1) #3

Thanks. Yeah I saw that. Using the exchange may be different from staking though? The sale was open to Chinese and South Korean citizens

(Chris Fenwick) #4

^ the above list of countries cannot participate in the referral program (which is the only service you can presently access through our platform).

The situation regarding use of the Exchange, staking, etc., is more complicated and may vary in some of these countries. I don’t wish to provide inaccurate information, so I won’t try to give any more specifics. @fabwa would be the best person to answer any more specific questions.

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Thanks Chris. I thought that may be the case. Would be good to know, especially for those that participated in the sale

(E Blader) #6

Will it be safe to assume that the ineligibility list is comprehensive for the type of activity defined by nash team? @fabwa