Why the announcements are not posted here? What is the community.nash.io for?

Hello team Nash. Could you please let us know the purpose for the community.nash.io?
It’s so quiet here lately :confused:

Thank you :handshake:


I agree with this complaint.

This should be THE place for discussion, rumors and announcements. With Nex staked for 2 years being a precondition to register, this should be an exclusive club for Nash supporters. Rather, we have information all over the place with Telegram being the most productive information source.


:face_with_monocle: :thinking:

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If you want to discuss Nash more on the Community, nothing is stopping you. The fact that our community prefers to discuss on Telegram is not up to us.

Regarding the stake requirement: that is there to reduce trolling and bots. It’s not a high barrier to meet, but it does the trick. The intention was never to make this an ultra-exclusive space, just exclusive enough.

Regarding information: All the most important official annonucements are published on Twitter, as well as the Telegram announcements channel and Facebook. If extra information is released on Telegram, it is because community members prefer to approach the team there, not here. If you post here, we also respond here.

We originally made the Community before we had a Telegram channel, which takes much more effort to monitor and moderate. But our experience was that the community preferred Telegram anyway, which is why we made an official channel and have now appointed a full-time community manager.


I get that “the market” prefers TG but if the founders would engage more here I think this would steer the conversation in the direction of the Community.