Why not YouTube?

Hello, isn’t Nash good enough already?
Please help me understand why YouTube influencers aren’t connected in advertising Nash?
Not the right time yet?
Thank you.

I found Nash because of YouTube videos promoting the ICO.
imo YouTube education is the greatest way to educate new people about Nash.

I am really curious to know why no YouTube? :thinking:

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@radu @canesin I’ve recently seen some pretty good videos about exchange valuations from guy (its actually his name) who runs the channel “Coin Bureau” with about 180T Followers. His Video “Best Crypto Exchanges 2021: My TOP 5 Picks!!” evaluates Coinbase Pro, Uniswap, Binance, Kraken and FTX (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kbt0P-nJV7o). He also did a pretty good video about some decentralized Exchanges, namely Uniswap, Curve Finance and Balancer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OVcVC8_TXA). Guy seems to be quiet unbiased and technically keen of what he is talking about. So, I would recommend the team to reach out to him. Maybe he might be interested to elabrate about the USP’s that only nash.io has to offer and creates some nice content about it.


I further want to mention this nice video “Crypto Trading Bots: Are They Worth It?” which guy composed to introduce bot trading (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Hv0BQwYlPw). Here guy introduces Tradesanta, Shrimpy, Gunbot, Crypto Hopper and 3Commas.

Interestingly in his final thoughts he comes to the conclusions that nowadays the main draw back of bot trading is, that you have to keep your funds on the exchanges, which exposes you to some serious risks. That’s why he recommends to his audience to split their funds to more than one exchange.

It seems to me that nash.io is the only DEX (or hybrid) so far, with the possibility to run a bot with non-custodial funds. To me this seems to be a unique USP worth doing a nice video about.

What do you guys think?


What if we ( the community) put together a list of the best crypto educators on YouTube and, contribute some money ( from everyone who wants to get involved, no obligation) and we ourselves write to those educators?

Who wants to get involved? ( I am inn )
What do you think? ( Nash community)

Let’s do this :handshake:

My pick for YouTube is: Chico Crypto

He had covered the project in the past.

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I am also in. :+1:
I would try to contact :point_right: Coin Bureau

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Not every idea requires a new topic. Please use “search” option before creating a new topic.

I would advise continuing the conversation you have started here;

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First, it’s worth noting that this isn’t true. I’m sure members of this community have seen the recent videos by CryptoLark, ThatMartiniGuy, CryptoMatrix and CryptoJack. These are the result of efforts we have made to explore working with YouTube content creators.

However, it seems people here have some misconceptions about working with YouTubers (or Twitter/Instagram/other social media influencers). Creators don’t make a profit based on pay-per-view – they aren’t stupid! They negotiate contracts with projects.

This has two main consequences:

  1. There are some creators Nash just can’t work with right now. Creators will enter into exclusive contracts with particular exchanges or may have lucrative deals with large industry players that it would be unwise for us to try to compete with. Fair play to them! They built a strong channel brand and won some great deals. But they are also off the table for us.

  2. Nash has to spend time exploring partnerships to see if particular creators are a good fit for us right now. We’re working with a number of YouTubers and other influencers and paying attention to the results we get. The information we’re gaining is extremely valuable for determining a successful strategy.

Nash is going to continue engaging with creators and will build long-term relationships where it’s appropriate.


The defacto comment on marketing through influencers – clipped and saved. Thanks for the insight @chris.fenwick!

My mistake, next time I will ask. I know about Lark ( he was out of breath when talking about Nash:) ) and, not following the rest.

Would be great to have links to videos that Nash is mentioned in. Thank you.
Excuse me for my question.

Did you reach out to “Altcoin Daily” guy on YouTube? His channel is one of the best out there and he has currently more than 360k subscribers. He is quite legit and his audience is growing rapidly. Worth trying! Cheers!