Why not create a marketplace for crypto collectible on Nash to bring more volume on the platform?

Nash team, do you ever consider create a marketplace for crypto collectible and rare digitral items like Cryptokitty, Gods Unchained, MLB Crypto, or gaming digital rare items ?

The United States National Basketball Association (NBA) will release a new crypto collectibles game in 2020. US Major League Baseball launched MLB Crypto baseball Game last year. Crypto collectible market still going strong and popularity increase year by year.

I think is a good opportunity for Nash to enter this market and offer a full regulated non-custodial way to exchange that kind of digital assets.

Rare digital items exchange like WAX or Opensea digital collectible marketplace can’t compete with Nash Exchange technology.

This nice feature will attract users on the platform and bring more activity in the matching engine.

Do you think is a good idea ?

I don’t think this is a good idea… you will attract crazy people with the CryptoKitty things… Better attract big players in the crypto world. :wink:

IMO it’s not a bad idea, unfortunately you have to remember that any new service comes with important development costs and it doesn’t feel like a priority.