Why Nash?

With more and more decentralized exchanges opening up, why will traders use Nash over the likes of Switcheo, Binance Dex and the many more already existing exchanges ?

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Good question ?

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Here you can easy find your answer.

If you want a solid anwser you have to make difference between a wrap BTC-WBTC (for exemple) and the real asset.

Make a difference between a custodial vs non-custodial can help you too.

It’s important to understand why fiat-on ramp is a great feature for an exchange.

You have to make a research on regulation where the exchange operate. Why a regulated exchange can bring peace of mind for users…?

By yourself, do a research on the next big trends in fintech. Payment solution, digital securities are the next big thing and is important to know why.

After all these research, you will finally understand why Nash will beat them all in a long-term perspective.

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Good answer.
You forget 1 thing. Staking and the generous dividends.