Why NASH wants us not to care and inquire about the launch delays

Is it not fair to ask questions regarding the reason for delay in launch?

Is it because of delay in the development of the product
or because of regulatory and licensing requirements


All major technical and regulatory issues have been solved and we continue to refine the MVP for the public. While every company building a product will want to launch sooner launch date is not delayed, because it was never established. Latest update on development was given on Q1 report and the communication we did there is still valid.

Nash is not a small product, it is a very large piece of software with several innovations, even how it is deployed is innovative. Why didn’t we went to the route of almost all other “DEXes” and launched a much smaller MVP and iterated it live we already explained, the MVP should be viable not from a technical perspective or working, but as a business test on the market for your validated hypothesis from the company prospection. But you don’t need to take our word for it - just ask yourself why didn’t you leave your centralized exchanges for those yet. Our goal is to deliver to the market something that you can move your current business to.


Thanks! That is enough for me!!

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Thanks man. This is what we need… layman terms for non tech investors to understand what is really going on. Thumbs up mate. :slight_smile:

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Can we expect launch in the July / August 2019 ?

When we are able to provide a clear update we will always communicate it here. If we haven’t manifested about something yet is because there are internal decisions still to be made regarding that subject. We love our community and have been always open with them. Please don’t be fooled by external information, wait for our interactions on this forum and announcements in our channels.


We will launch when we are ready. The way we are working internally is in sprints, so every two weeks we create a new internal release that we evaluate against the product requirements. Given our rate of development, we communicated during our Q1 report that we expect to meet requirements within that time frame. This is still true, as we have repeated several times. Just follow official communication and you will be up to date regarding time frames!


If a bit of humour is tolerated :man_shrugging:t5: :

Launch date is not delayed, because it was never established


canesinOfficial Nash Staff

All major technical and regulatory issues have been solved and we continue to refine the MVP product for the public.

Does this mean that the NEX token can be marketed in Nash at launch?


the nash team does it all right, keep it up! :nash_n:

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Don’t count on it. He implies the technical and regulatory issues for the MVP as far as I can see. MVP didn’t include nex trading

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Can I read it somewhere? I expected to have a response from the team but they did not give it, if all regulatory issues are resolved then the NEX token listing should be.

Thank you

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@canesin liked my post so I assume it’s true

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Yes, that’s right, I just saw it, thanks!

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