Why Nash team doesn't do reply the community regarding to Referal-Event?

Just curious how hard to communicate with community.

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Calm before the storm. :blush:

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We should hear something this week: https://twitter.com/canesin/status/1136985748681437186

Tsunamis doesnt tell you when its having one…unless…

And now what you heard? Half the week is already over. Are only 5 days left to the refferal program :thinking:

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this week isnt over yet…so you cant complaint…haha

I just do not understand why it makes such a big secret. It would have been easy to say that one is not ready for the MVP and that’s why the referal program is being extended.

You will understand…someday.:grin:

I do not believe that :love_you_gesture:

You’ll see the tide go out first before a Tsunami hits.

My AI was experiencing difficulties with its secure enclaves. Should have gone for ARM TrustZone or AMD SEV over Intel SGX after all. Especially after refactoring all instructions to floating point operations. (in C)

My two cents: Basically had to redo all security audits in preparation for swapping the intel servers for AMD or ARM machines. Not to mention all the documentations that wasn’t finished yet.
Those dudes doing security audits are basically running on Red bull and Cocaine, but if you ever worked with them you would know that getting accurate timelines from them is impossible task. Also some attack vectors require attackers to make datacenters AC systems less efficient… that might take some time too…

In the end… if you don’t know the new timeline, you cannot communicate it either…

Thats whats up.

When did they rename Wen to Alex?

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nah, don’t think so… just wait a few more months hihi

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Its a “corrupted” Wen. Lol

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