Why Nash Exchange token price on secondary exchange markets decreased ? [edited]

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Do we know why

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because no big exchanges listed it yet. so no buyers. switcheo etc exchnages have low volume even 5k nex can dump it to 0.01 nex/ 1 neo ON SWITCHEO. i expect ico price soon in neo . so that i could grab a plently of NEX :slight_smile:

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Don’t spread the fud… :face_vomiting:

What do you mean by dumping?
I don’t see a dump… NEX token is the last weeks going from 1,60 to 1,40 to 1,60 to 1,35 to 1,80. And in the Next 4 week to $ 3,-
So buy some more, if you can and wait for launch. :wink:
You have to see the big picture with Nash :wink:

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This question from OP is normally questions we see in telegram😂


Team work is dealy and not marketing

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More seller than buyer, period.

Investing in an exchange security token from a regulated fintech start up need patience.
This is one of the toughest path a blockchain start up can make and Nash team doing things great.

Regulation take time, bring a new robust product to this dynamic market not an easy task and build a fintech company at the same time too, so i think investors need to be patient and look at this financial opportunity with a longterm perspective.

I will let 2-3 years to Nash team to bring a solid and completed financial platform. Another 2-3 years to reach a huge amount of users.

Investing in a young fintech with a revolutionary technology is not a stupid financial decision if you are able to wait and let the team work.

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