Why is there no LINK/NEO pair?

Why is there no link / NEO pair?

Why is this logo used?

I can not understand why twitter is being advertised for a new token and not even the icon is right. Not to mention the missing LINK / NEO pair.

And as the last question. Is it the only token we can expect in the near future? Let’s be honest, we were promised token in October and 3 weeks later we get one.


Also why there is no volume in the USDC pairs. I can see that there are orders and 1.63% spread but the Link-USDC pair is with 0 volume. Is it related to the fact that Europe cant trade any USDC pairs yet ?

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I just entered to ask the same question.

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Why the team just does not care that the logo is wrong? Something like that is incomprehensible to me. @canesin @ethan @carla

There is no LINK / NEO because this is not a liquid pair. Regarding the logo, it is not wrong, that is the free use logo available from http://cryptoicons.co. We will do a custom one closer to the official on next update but this is certainly low priority.

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And is there anything to say about that?

That trading bot on LINK/ETH pair though. The volume has been growing stably. Love it.

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