Why I see nash as revolutionary

Since the start, nash wants to be compliant with the regulatory laws in order to be accepted by big firms and work with them to provide more services to its users. This has brought a green light to me and im sure many of you are aware that nash does want to make nash stay as a normal company and stay forever without any regulatory hurdles which may stop them from operating as a business.

@ethan has also written an article back in 2018 on the securities and licenses that nash is working towards…including the EU and U.S. licenses. Read it here .
Do note that obtaining these licenses are not easy feat. That is why nash firmly want to be compliant since the start of their ICO.

The article explains why im seeing a lot of growth opportunities for nash. And i hope more people will realise that nash is not just a normal DEX that you see in crypto today. It is a company that wants to bring digital finance to everyone. It can bring millions and billions of users once the licenses are obtained, trading of digital traditional securities and NEX tokens will be available to nash users.


Nice pitch.

I also like Nash for the pioneering roles they are willing to take.

  • Regulation
  • Key/identity management
  • Making Digital assets accessible for the masses and distantiating from techie R&D ‘crypto’ image