Why Don't YouTubers Promote NASH Exchange?

Found this nice one on Youtube! Food for thought!

NASH don’t bribe shills, that’s the real reason.

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@Sir_Nash It doesn’t help anyone if you simply ignore criticism. The fact is, even today, no Youtuber promotes Nash. So the question is “Why not?”. The guy justifies it with Nash’s affiliate program, which doesn’t offer enough incentives for Youtubers and he is actually a fan of Nash. Whether that’s the reason, I personally can’t judge. But it sounds logical at first. It’s up to the marketing team to change that, otherwise they’re either doing a bad job or simply don’t have a professional marketing team at all.


I think that YouTubers are good but not Crypto Lark :flushed:
When he talks about Nash, you can read on his face that he is not happy about it, when he is done promoting Nash, his energy comes back up :frowning:

Probably soon because of the roadmap and implementation of it, Chico could pick up, and when the price goes up, IvanOnTech could come in to tell everyone to respect the pompamentals :upside_down_face:

Why would the team get YouTubers on board if the product is not ready? As things stand the team will be in a better position to do this once people can see what there trying to achieve. Most YouTubers are shills… They get given tokens, shill the project and sell on the pump, look at Chico Crypto he was shilling 2 coins (edgeware being one of them) on the weekend, both been pumping , if u got in when he said, u would be wrecked in a few days…

The bull run got a long way to go, we will catch the Tail of it at the end of the year, the the price will gradually start going up as more announcements are made.

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This video is old man. Nash has an affiliates program now. This guy used to push Nash but stopped a long time ago. A coin needs to have gains to attract people like Youtubers.

I also realized that. He is presenting it without any passion. Then better leave completely :frowning_face:

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@Sir_Nash Well, in the new roadmap it says marketing campaign in Europe is ongoing, respectively supposed to take place in Q1. Now half the quarter is over. Did I miss anything. Haven’t seen any campaign so far… just a recorded video (with how many ppl watching?). I am starting to get a bit frustrated.

What is the marketing strategy of the Nash Team?

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“The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient”

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No point in marketing since wallet trading with new coins is not live yet. The L2 exchange will not be marketed to the retail but to professionals. I strongly support this move so let’s have a little more patience before new coins and trading form is introduced and then Nash (and the community) should promote it in every way.


Btw. can you please let me know where did you find this picture? I’ve only found roadmap in text form and this graphic is much more practical.

Here it is Garda from Kellogg Fairbank’s Twitter:


We are set up for failure by current commodities: ( instant gratification)

  • paid per hour once a week
  • 30 min delivery time
  • instant calls/messages
  • microwave
  • washer & dryer
  • sugar/alcohol
  • first date sex
  • pomp & dump investments
    … on & on & on

Building a strong foundation, and Steady growth are pushed into Uncommon , where in reality it should be the only Common sense.

Patience to see the vision realized will reward us immensely, or take a 3x return, and we go back into the rat race :exploding_head:

Thanks for cheering me up! :wink:

Actually, my frustrations comes mostly from the absence of the Nash team in this forum. I don’t have the feeling that community suggestions are much appreciated respectively the team doesn’t give much priority to it. I was expecting more feedback from the team here. What else is this forum for? Investors cheering up each other?


Market is what it is, we can’t change it. We must conform to market demands or we are finished.


We regularly post threads asking for feedback. This is from just 6 days ago:

The new strategy was only just announced, and we’re also still waiting on the Chief of Marketing onboarding. Give the team some leeway to properly get going.

Regarding the team participating in these forums, I’m sure staff are monitoring threads for ideas/feedback/criticisms.