Why do I have money in Nash Channels? Available assets

Hi, sorry for silly questions, I invested at ICO and havent really kept up with things.

I staked half my NEX. But when I login and look at ‘Available assets’ it says I have a tiny bit in my wallet and then some money in Nash Channels.

What does this mean? And how did I get this money? Was this a result of staking, because it says my staking Dividends in the staking section and its a different figure


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Yes, it is because of staking as staking dividends are deposited in your Nash channel. The reason for the staking amount and Nash channel amount being different is due to price movement, i.e. the dividend coins don’t have the same value on the day they were deposited on your Nash channel and today.


Thanks for the quick reply. Yes because in my available assets its twice the amount of my ‘all time dividends’.

So is this the only way to be paid dividends, as loads of small amounts of various coins? Can I not just be paid in NEX or a single coin? Is there a simple way to convert it all into one

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It cannot be exchanged to Nex since Nex is a registered security. It will probably not be possible to do so for another year or several years maybe.

Yes, it is only possible to have the staking payments in the coins that were traded.
No, there is no way to convert them all into one coin. This dust conversion feature will be implemented, it’s just not a high priority right now.


Ok, so for a long time any dividends I receive will be a bit useless? As the amounts are so small that converting them or selling them to get BTC for example will not be worth it because of the fees.

Converting dust would be ideal

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No ETA but it’s coming. In the mean time you just stack up on dividends and hodl! :slight_smile:


Thanks for asking this, I had the same question. And thanks Garda for the responses.

Garda, so does that mean the amount I see in the all-time rewards is the original value and what I see in the channels is the current value?



There are no transfer fees at the Nash State Channels. You pay 0.25% at most if you convert from one crypto to another (as long as they stay in the Nash State Channels). Some cryptos have a minimum amount of roughly $10 to trade, so that would be the only restriction if you want to convert funds to BTC.