Why can't see the Nash team on the website?

(Garrett 37) #1

Why can’t see the Nash team on the website? Correct me if it’s not.

(Chris Fenwick) #2

We removed the team page from our new website. These pages usually appear on ICO or small startup sites, but Nash is moving beyond that phase.

(Aman) #3

Once the exchange is launched, I think all this should be moved to investor services or investor disclosure tab, as is with any MNC. The investor tab generally talks about the company, quarterly reports, financial results along with the details of the board/team members of the company.

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(Garrett 37) #4

Well, and how many staff in the composition of the team on this moment

(CryptoUK1) #5

I believe there are now 32 people in total after 9 new additions to the team in Q4. That info is given in quarterly reports that you can find on Nash’s Medium channel

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